Daniel Melzer

Software Engineer (PHP)

Who I am

I’m a software engineer currently working at Digital Control. I build PHP-based web applications for agencies in the field of online marketing.

Originally I'm from Frankfurt/Main, but after several relocations Düsseldorf became my chosen home.

Trainings and educations

After secondary school, I did a couple of trainings and continuing educations:

IT Assistant without graduation

Basic training in the commercial field

IT Specialist in the field of development

Zend Certified Engineer PHP5

Working experience

After my vocational training as an IT Specialist, I worked at add2 as a software developer. That's where I got into contact with online marketing and advertisement. I left the company after nearly 4 years to master new challenges.

At Pixum I found nice colleagues and my passion for the backend development. Sadly I quit pretty soon for personal reasons.

Since that I'm working for DIGITAL CONTROL, an agency specialized in software for marketing agencies.

I'am a committed volunteer

Since April 2011 I'm in the DRK-Wasserwacht, the water rescue unit of the German Red Cross. There I'm working as a sailor and lifeguard. Also I'm the content manager of our website and social media channels.


When not coding or saving lives, I spend some of my freetime with:

Digital photography



Camping and hiking